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About Pam Bland

For over 20 years owner Pam Bland has been creating cakes for residents in the surrounding areas of Ashland, VA. Baking is a true passion of hers; she loves the creative aspect of cake decorating and devising unique flavor combinations that her customers will love.

Nothing is more rewarding to her than seeing a bride light up in awe after viewing her wedding cake for the first time. Her philosophy is all about you, the customer, and your vision. She will work with you closely to discuss your cake needs so that the end result will exceed your expectations. Don't see a certain flavor? Just ask. Chances are she'll make it work.

Pam also creates specialty cakes for any occasion and in the same custom-style fashion. Whether you want a fun character themed party cake or something a little more high-end, she can do it! So if you're in need of a wedding cake or just something sweet, make Sugar Cain Bakery your first choice!

A Touching Story

Every now and then you get a story that really touches your heart. This week I had the privilege to make a cake for a very special man. His friend told me his story when she picked up the cake and I almost cried. I asked her if I could share it and she agreed.

God is amazing and works miracles every day! The cake was a surprise to him and this was his reaction:

He was so surprised and touched. He actually cried! When it was time for him to blow out the candle....He sat there for a moment and said "I am going to sit here and savor this moment before I blow out this candle because I have never blown out a candle for my birthday until today". This 39 year old man looked like a child sitting in front of his cake. It was priceless!

This is a man who had a heartbreaking childhood, was shuffled around in foster care, got into trouble as an adult, went to jail, turned his life over to Jesus and has stayed with Jesus and will continue to do so. (He has been out of jail for 3 years now). He had every opportunity to go back to his original lifestyle, where he would have made a lot more money, but chose not too. He works for a catering company and on his days off, he asks people, including my husband and I if there is anything he can do to help us so he can earn extra money.

I can tell you that on the days he has helped me with my animals and never ending yard work, he worked all day and did an amazing job. Though he is no longer with his children's mother, he pays his child support on a regular basis, helps out with school supplies , etc and is involved in their lives.

He is currently trying to save money to get a car, hopefully that will increase his employment options. It is just amazing what Jesus and people willing to give second chances can do! And as far as the cake you made is concerned....IT WAS DELICIOUS! Everyone talked about how even the fondant tasted good (you know usually fondant is a little unpleasant). The cake was beautifully done! He loved it!

Thank you so much for using your amazing talent into helping make his special day an unforgettable and meaningful one!